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Finally, a Supply and Demand course that shows you exactly how to find profitable winning trades, step-by-step.

  •  Even if… you’ve struggled with trading supply and demand in the past
  •  Even if… you’re new to trading supply and demand
  •  Even if you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start
  •  Even if… you’ve thought to yourself trading supply and demand doesn’t work for me.

My First Foray Into Supply & Demand Was A Disaster

I drew my first supply and demand zones almost 5 years ago.

And like most people, I knew that the use of supply and demand was going to be HUGE for my trading.

So I read everything I could on supply and demand methodology from forums and blog posts.

You know the kind of stuff I'm talking about:

-I kept my zones updated as price moved direction.

-I optimized my charts for maximum results.

-I used zones on all the time frames.

-I watched the charts aggressively waiting for a trade to set up.

But nothing worked.

I quickly realised that the "just add my supply and demand zones to my charts and the trades will come approach" perhaps worked GREAT for the big banks.

But what about someone like me, who was a one-man show retail trader? How could I crack this supply and demand methodology?

That's when I decided to hop off the "just wait for the trades to come" train. Instead, I'd hunker down and test, test and test everything.

Then- BAM!-I Had That Breakthrough Moment

After months of trial and error, I FINALLY found something that actually worked!

It was one of those "light bulb" moments you see in cartoons.

I realised that:

Most people believe the secret to supply and demand trading success, is to just place any "supply/demand" zone onto their charts. Instead, I've discovered that there are certain ZONES that actually get results.

And most important of all, you need to strategically mark out each zone that the big boys use.

I turned this "light bulb moment" into a system that grew one of my demo trading accounts in one month greater than I had in one year.

Here’s What Happened Next:

A few months later, I went live with supply and demand.

When I started trading live with supply and demand, I knew that I was entering one of the most brutally and emotional businesses on the planet (Forex trading)

(Think about it: I'm literally going toe-to-toe with the big bank experts on everything Forex.)

And I knew that if my system could work in the cutthroat trading industry, it could work anywhere.

Spoiler alert: it worked GREAT.

And thanks to the proven system I developed, I quickly hit winning profitable trades that I once never would see.

That's When I Asked Myself: "Could This System Work For Other People Too?"

I wanted to see if my system could help other people too.

So I turned my new approach into a step-by-step supply and demand training course. And called it "NFXT Advanced Supply And Demand Course".

(Not the most creative name I know. But it gets the job done!)

Since then I released the course to a small group of traders who wanted to learn to trade with supply and demand for themselves.

Why You Should Choose This Course?

Since the initial launch of the NFXT Advanced Supply And Demand Course, I've made dozens of updates to the course.

And I recently overhauled parts of the course from start-to-finish.

The course that shows you exactly how to read the markets using supply and demand step-by-step.

The best part? The strategies in the course are all working right now.

Here's exactly what's inside the NFXT Advanced Supply And Demand Course.

In-Depth Supply & Demand Training- "No fluff. No theory. Just 100% actionable 4 hours of video material to help you master supply and demand trading in record time."

Always Up-To-Date- "You never have to worry about outdated stuff. My material is always current and up-to-date."

All About Results- "If you want a high-level approach and theory on supply and demand, this isn't for you. The supply and demand course is engineered to deliver RESULTS."

Works On Any Pair and Industry- "My material has been tested by many students in different countries and backgrounds. And it works."

When You Join NFXT Advanced Supply & Demand Course, You

Get Full & Immediate Access To:


I cover in detail how to read and draw supply and demand zones correctly. With also applying the flow of price technique.


See the exact same steps I take when taking a trade applying the multiple time frame analysis. This will teach you to trade with the higher time frame momentum.


This section of the course you get to see how to trade with the set and forget strategy. Which will allow a trader to set their trades and walk away.


Improve trade accuracy and double/ triple your returns, with applying the risk management to teach you how to eliminate risk as quick as possible.

NFXT'S Advanced Supply & Demand

  •  Over 4 hours of on demand video training content
  •  Including 26 Course Lessons
  •  One on one support (to help you each step of the way)
  •  Full life time access


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I realise that my industry is plagued with fake gurus and greedy gurus who play shady games selling rubbish products with great sales copy...

I hate it, too.

I've been scammed out of thousands from these wankers, myself.

And I'm assuming you've bought some things that didn't pan out as advertised...

Which is why I have gone beyond to help my community where I can.

You see... I know so many of you have been burnt in the past, and I want you all to be able to get your hands onto the advanced supply and demand course today!

I truly believe that we all will reap what we sow.

Which means...

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Is this for beginners or professionals?

NFXT Advanced Supply and Demand Trading course is for everyone interested in trading. This is a complete roadmap to take beginners all the way to making a income and just as much content for the veterans to scale their trading and perfect their techniques.

What if I have questions or problems?

You'll have access to my private email address where you can ask me any questions, or simply open a live chat on the website. I'm here for your success, so any possible issue or roadblock will be addressed ASAP.

When will I start making money?

It depends on you. It's possible to start making money within a month after purchasing, but it's also possible you'll make nothing. Just because you have this information, I cannot guarantee you'll take action on it.

Does this work if I'm not in the UK?

Yes! It doesn't matter where you're from. As long as you have an internet connection and access to the charts, you'll be able to do the methods I teach in the program.