...with the guidance, support, and accountability offered by a community of SEASONED Trading strategists?


…the ONLY trading coaching built specifically for traders who want to generate profitable trades and a trading income for years to come.

Applying does not commit you to anything.

By applying, we will reach out if we believe you are a good fit.

From there we would like to jump on a live online chat with you to

talk about your goals to ENSURE this is the right

program for you.


When you join the Trading Coaching Experience, not only are you accessing the support network, the program and service to become a profitable trader. You can also enter freely any of the free giveaways.

It is of utmost importance to have a trading community to support one's journey. The private community inside the coaching helps to balance any doubts or questions one could have regarding the trading journey. Personally, I don’t think I could withstand all the trials and hardships without having like-minded people on the same journey who deal or have dealt with the same challenges. I’m very thankful for the time spent in the pro community.

In all honesty, Jonathan is a great mentor and person. He’s highly responsive in the chat rooms, gives detailed answers to student questions, constantly works to update the course material and the private chat rooms themselves. I’m very glad to have found a mentor whose goal is to truly help his students succeed.

Solomon Roskin

Funded Trader

Trading coaching for business (not just for trading)

You've tried all the "Trading expert advice." You've followed all the steps, done the backtesting, tried all the strategies.

And you're still not generating those profitable trades. Your trading business is your bread and butter, but all the Gurus advice out there is designed to make you lose money.


Your trades should be generating profits, growing your account, and CREATING A TRADING INCOME. You're not just pouring all your time into trading for the fun of it. You're doing it to grow your trading business.

And it's time for a community that reflects that. Because at the end of the day, if your trading business isn't making money... it's just an expensive hobby.

The Trading Coaching Experience is for you if...

  • You're passionate about improving your trading skills, generate winning trades and a trading income.
  • You’re willing to put in the work if it’s strategic and fits within your current life schedule.
  • You’re tired of the 9-5 grind and want the flexibility and freedom that comes from trading.
  • You don’t want to sink thousands of dollars into trading (or worse, go into debt for it) just to see it potentially fail.

The Trading Coaching Experience is NOT for you if...

  • You’re expecting a magic pill to making money in trading. I can’t promise that.
  • You expect results without putting in the effort. You have to be passionate about building a trading income and willing to put in the time and follow the steps.
  • You're just looking for trading signals, than actually putting in the work to learn to trade.
  • You're one of these people who will simply give up at the first hurdle! Trading takes time to fully master, weeks even months.


This isn’t a DIY course where you 2x speed through all the video content.

This is a COACHING PROGRAM (combined with pre-recording training) where you learn our frameworks, ask questions, and actually spend time implementing the steps within the pro community.


The Community Trading Floor: Join a secure environment for collective growth and learning and acquire knowledge and receive accountability.


The NFXT Chart Service: Optimize your path to consistent profitability and save valuable time engaging in thorough technical analysis each week.


Forex Masterclass Program 2.0: It's a carefully crafted plan to assist you in creating a thriving trading business, outlined in a step-by-step format without any filler or fluff.


The Trading Coaching Experience Bonuses: with added community bonuses to enhance your learning experience with additional video training.


Members Rewards Scheme Free Giveaways: up to £10,000 giveaways for our members, with free entry into every members rewards scheme free giveaways.




We keep you organized, efficient and moving forward without friction with our daily chart markups, our weekly market breakdowns and trade programs to keep you on track with your trading.

Coaching + Accountability = Results

This community follows our 6C Framework, and we’ll walk you through EACH ONE of our 6-C steps so you aren't GHOSTED after the joining phase to ensure you have a complete revenue-generating Trading business: >>>

Community Trading Floor

Transforming your life can be challenging when you're surrounded by the same people. By becoming part of the Trading Coaching Experience, you enter an exclusive Discord space where members can:

  • Share trading idea's, setups and more
  • Request instant feedback from myself and other members
  • Have discussions with other traders within the community
  • Yearly member rewards scheme

Here, you'll learn and stay on track with a diverse group of traders of all ages and backgrounds. We're all about hard work, shared goals, and motivation, which makes reaching success easier for everyone.

Masterclass Course 2.0

Whether you're a novice trader or seasoned pro with years of experience, this program is tailored to meet your needs.

I've organized the content to accommodate those starting from scratch, guiding them towards becoming proficient forex traders using institutional supply and demand concepts.

  • Supply & Demand & Smart Money training sections
  • With 13 training modules to work through
  • 50+ training lessons
  • 10+ hours of step by step training

The program follows a step-by-step chronological framework, devoid of unnecessary filler or fluff. It's a comprehensive program meticulously crafted to guide you precisely in building a highly successful trading business.

The NFXT Chart Service

Optimize your path to consistent profitability and save valuable time by witnessing firsthand the expertise of a seasoned professional engaging in thorough technical analysis each week.

  • Weekly session market breakdown videos
  • Daily analysis and markups (DXY, EURUSD & GBPUSD)
  • Enhance your profitability
  • Widen your knowledge
  • Reduce your work time

The NFXT Service focuses on the three currency pairs only to create a more consistant and reliable learning curve for new members.

Watch a smaple of the weekly market breakdown clicking here.

The Trading Coaching Experience Bonuses

To enhance your experience with joining the Trading Coaching Experience, each member will gain access to bonuses that will give you an edge over trading the Forex markets. These bonuses are exclusive to the community membership only.

  • Trading mental performance training
  • NFXT trend indicator + video training
  • The vault video series
  • Market bias trading module training
  • Forex tester 5 & 6 special member discounts
  • Magic keys lot size calculator for MT4/MT5 disocunt
  • Novice to Pro Mastermind (rolled out slowly over 2024)

Members Rewards Scheme Free Giveaways

Up to £10,000 free giveaways within the members rewards scheme free giveaways. Members can enter freely into any free giveaways within the Discord workspce.

  • Up to 10 members rewards shceme free giveaways each year
  • Up to £10,000 FREE GIVEAWAYS
  • Enter for FREE on every free giveaway held

The Trading Coaching Experience members can enter for FREE into any free giveaways.

All rules for the members rewards scheme free giveaways can be found within the Discord workspace. Once the community is at capacity the free giveaways will open for free entry.

(Note: There is no purchase required to enter any free giveaways, all giveaway rewards will be picked at random by the MEE6 Discord bot)





Every day I dedicate HOURS to supporting my members inside the discord trading floor, providing insight, feedback and advice on their trading.

🔽 Screen grab of just SOME of the questions answered 🔽


...these days, you'll find many self-proclaimed "expert" traders on platforms like YouTube and the internet.

However, most of them talk big but don't deliver real results! They're all talk and no action.

While marketers may exaggerate, actual trades speak for themselves.

🔽 Screen grab of just SOME of the trades taken within the community 🔽






Market Structure Plan

Get clear instructions on how to mark and read market structure, with the added aid of fractals. Enabling you to find what I call the supply and demand "POWER ZONES" and how to precisely draw your zones.


Fresh & Tested Zones

How to detect a Fresh or a Tested zone of supply and demand on any price chart. Learn the correct procedure of trading a fresh zone, plus the optimal entry point when trading a tested zone.


Top Down Analysis

Discover the importance of doing a top down analysis routine each time you open your charts, for maxium success. Having a good understanding of multiple time frames gives you the power to see beyond bad opportunities!


Trade Entry Criteria

Within this module you discover the art of trade entry. With first learning the set and forget entry for the part time trader. To then mastering the confirmation entry for "MAXIUM PROFITS"


Qualifying Entry Zones

Start using the powerful technique of qualifying supply and demand zones, for pin pointing your entry to increase your risk to rewards. Use the laid out time-frame list to give you a optimal entry every time.


Money Management

Learn inside this important module the strategy of risk and compounding your profits. With also learning how to find those crucial profit targets and exits and much more.


Trade Examples

Watch over my shoulder as I present a series of "live trade examples" to help you see exactly when I enter to exiting my trades. With the knowledge learnt throughout this course, it enables you to read the markets with precision.


Trade Plan

Inside this final module, I sum everything up you have been through within this supply and demand masterclass course. With a full trade plan covering step by step each process to turn you into a mechanical trader.



Market Manipulations

Where Hidden Forces Shape Trading Opportunities and Uncover Insider Strategies! Timing is Everything: Discover the Intriguing Impact of Entry Timing on Your Trades, and How Mastering It Can Be Your Key to Consistent Success in the Market!


Imbalances in Trading

Unlock the Hidden Opportunities: Where the Unseen Forces of Supply and Demand Shape Profitable Strategies! Plus learn how reading the left over imbalances can pay forward with trade entries and exits.


Fibonacci Analysis

Decode Market Secrets: With discovering the Intriguing Synergy of Fibonacci Analysis and Smart Money Strategies – Your Roadmap to Predicting Price Movements with Precision!


The Bankers Pattern

Uncover the Bankers' Hidden Playbook: Dive into the Intriguing World of the Bankers' Pattern – Your Insider's Guide to Trading like the Financial Elite! Plus delve into the Intriguing World of Bankers' Pattern Trade Reviews.


Smart Money Trade Reviews

Trading's Best-Kept Secret: Explore the Intriguing World of Smart Money Trade Reviews, Where Every Analysis Reveals the Hidden Strategies of Market Insiders for Consistent Success!



NFXT Trend Indicator + Videos

Welcome to the world of precision trading, where success lies in understanding market trends like never before. In this section, we introduce you to the NFXT Trend Indicator, a powerful tool that will change the way you navigate the markets.


Trading Mental Performance

Dive into the Intriguing World of Trading Mental Performance, Where Mindset Meets Mastery – Your Gateway to Achieving Peak Performance in the Market! Your Blueprint for Anticipating Trend Shifts and Unlocking Profitable Opportunities!


The Vault: Bonus Series

Vault of Bonus Videos, where we unlock a treasure trove of insights and strategies to take your trading journey to the next level. These videos are your golden key to deeper understanding and advanced techniques.


Market Bias Strategy

Exclusive bonus when you purchase access to the Trading Coaching Experience. With the power of using market bias with multiple trend analysis. And covering the use of the market bias with the banks market bias pattern!


Forex Tester Student Discount

Exclusive bonus when you purchase access to the Trading Coaching Experience. Forex Tester 5 or higher Member Discount, get access up to a 60% discount of the Forex Tester Software when you sign up to the Forex Masterclass 2.0


Magic Keys Lot Size Calculator

Exclusive bonus when you purchase access to theTrading Coaching Experience. Magic Keys lot size calculator discount for MT4/MT5, with being a member you gain a 10% discount of your purchase using our link inside the community.


Novice to Pro Mastermind Course

Exclusive bonus when you purchase access to the Trading Coaching Experience. With having access to the first two modules covering basic and advanced market structure trading, of the new course novice to pro mastermind coming out late 2024.



I've even run large communities!

And there are a lot of great things about them.

But it's very easy to lose closeness to the community as it grows.

So I've designed the community to stay small.

That allows me to invest more of MY time in fewer people and gives me the time and space to continue building my own trading business.

It also means with a small community, I'm able to reward members with member free giveaways.

Just one of the ways I like to reward members within the community.

🔽 Screen grab of the first ever free giveaway 🔽


Once it become's full, any new spots will only be available once a member decides they do not wish to renew.

New spots will be made available first to our Waitlist.

To be the first to know when spots open up, if you see a full capacity at checkout.

Then join our Waitlist!

The Waitlist will become avaliable once the community becomes full capacity.

There are 2 types of people...

Some people dread what they do for a living (and don’t get paid nearly enough to do it).

Others take action, create a consistently profitable trading strategy, and build accounts that increase their income every year.

Which is more appealing to you?

Right now many of us feel trapped and stuck where we are.

We don’t have the time or flexibility to do the things we want and be with the people we care about.

We worry about our health, being at a desk job for years, and doing meaningless work for another 5-10 years.

What if we lose our job, end up broke, and having to start all over again in our 30s, 40s, or 50s?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

If you build a trading income, you can start doing work that YOU care about on YOUR terms and on YOUR schedule.

Imagine a year from today...

When you have a consistently profitable trading strategy putting money into your bank account while you spend only 30 minutes a day trading.

While the rest of your day looks like this: having coffee with a friend, picking your kids up from school, or just taking a nap!

Imagine watching your monthly income increase from £250, to £500 to even 2k a month - all without increasing your workload.

In fact you’ll actually be able to work LESS as your income grows!

That’s the power of building a consitently profitable strategy, that you execute and compound profits.... and that’s what I teach inside of the Trading Coaching Experience.

You can do this - I’m proof that it’s possible and even though it might have taken me 8 years.

With my support along with the Forex Masterclass Program, my goal is it won't take you the 8 years it took me.

I’m here to coach you every step of the way!

Join trading coaching experience today and let’s change your trading and change your life.

Jonathan Jarvis

Supply and demand trader and coach

P.S. Trust me when I say, once you’ve had a taste of running a consistently and profitable trading business you’ll never want to go back!

I know what it’s like to be scared to try something new - something that might fail.

I literally needed a global recession and 8 years of losses to push me over the edge and start my trading business.

That was scary! And I don’t wish that experience on you.

The beauty of Trading Coaching Experience is that you can get my complete proven system, learned from over a decade of experience within the community, and skip all of the pain and mistakes that I made - and you can do it on the side while keeping your day job!

It couldn’t be easier or more convenient!

Do your future self a favor and be brave.

Invest in yourself, get the training that is guaranteed and proven, and build your OWN trading business.

Your life will never be the same!

See you on the inside...



Oh hey there, friend! I'm Jonathan a full time trader/educator who helps traders scale their trading to five figures using market structure and supply and demand.

My whole goal with my work is to help traders capitalize on their trading, build sustainable profit ladders, hit their bottom line and enjoy the process. Traders just like YOU.

I've helped many traders over the years, to build a strategy that does all of that and more - while feeling manageable for the trader to actually trade and generate an income.

You ready for a sustainable trading strategy using market structure and supply and demand? That's what I'm offering inside the Trading Coaching Experience. What'cha waiting for?


What does my NFXT Membership include?

Upon joining the Annual Trading Coaching Experience, you'll get instant access to everything on offer:

✔︎ NFXT Pro Community & Trading Floor

✔︎ Forex Masterclass 2.0 program + Bonuses

✔︎ The NFXT Chart Service

✔︎ NFXT Member Rewards Scheme Giveaways

You will maintain access to these services for the length of your membership subscription.

The Trading Coaching Experience members can enter for FREE into any free giveaways.

All rules for the members rewards scheme free giveaways can be found within the Discord workspace. Once the community is at capacity the free giveaways will open for free entry.

(Note: There is no purchase required to enter any free giveaways, all giveaway rewards will be picked at random by the MEE6 Discord Bot)

Are there any hidden fees?

There are absolutely no hidden fees. You pay the VIP annual subscription enrolment fee.

Do you offer 1 on 1 coaching?

NO, I do not offer 1 on 1 coaching, but within the Trading Coaching Experience you will have my 1 on 1 live support. Plus communitcation between other enroled students within the course.

Do you provide trade signals?

No, I do not.

The fundamental reason for my reluctance lies in its tendency to attract individuals seeking quick and effortless wealth through get-rich-quick schemes.

Many fail to recognise that to effectively interpret signals for profitable trading, a foundational understanding of proper trading practices is essential.

Relying on trading signals does not provide a sustainable means of wealth-building.

At Norfolk FX Trader, my mission is to foster independent and consistently profitable traders, a goal directly contradicted by the use of trading signals.

I do however provide within the trading floor (the private Discord community), my own personal trade setups for educational purposes to demonstrate how the strategy that I teach can be effectively utilised.

If community members choose to copy these trades, they do so at their own risk.

How long do I have to finish the course?

Once you join the Trading Coaching Experience you gain anaual access to the online program, the trading floor (The Discord community & everything included, until your subscription is cancelled)

What do I do if I feel stuck or don't understand something?

If you feel stuck or confused while progressing through the course material, you may reach out to myself on the website live chat or email me personally at any point in time. Or within the Pro community, which is the fastest way to receive assistance.

Is the educational content beginner friendly?

Both the video course & extra educational content within the Pro community are broken down in a very simplistic manor. Trading should not be complicated & neither should learning it.

Does the course cover risk management?

Absolutely. There is an entire module dedicated to risk & trade management techniques. Managing risk is one of the most crucial aspects of being consistently successful trader & it must not be overlooked.

Does this strategy only work for Forex?

The strategy we teach is suitable for any market. This includes currencies, metals & indices!

When will I start making money?

It depends on you. It's possible to start making money within a month after purchasing, but it's also possible you'll make nothing. Just because you have this information, I cannot guarantee you'll take action on it.

Still have questions?

Contact me by email:

Or alternatively use let's chat now on this page. I'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Generate profits from your VERY NEXT trade

inside my Trading Coaching Experience!

In fact, during the time you’ve spent reading this website you could have added one if not more ‘profitable trades’ using the Pro Community and courses. Don’t put this off… give it a try today!

The Trading Coaching Experience

  • Community Trading Floor (£599 Value)
  • Masterclass Course 2.0 (£999 Value)
  • The NFXT Chart Service (£999 Value)
  • Trading Coaching Experience Bonuses (£1800 Value)
  • Novice to Pro Mastermind 2024 (£1199 Value)
  • Up To £10,000 Free Giveaways (£10,000 Value)
  • Live Tutor Support (£999 Value)
  • Annual access
  • Lifetime price guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Billed Annually

Total Value: £16,595

Regular Price: £999

Your Price For A Limited Time: £699

£699 billed every 12 months

*Limited spaces remaining

Applying does not commit you to anything.

By applying, we will reach out if we believe you are a good fit.

From there we would like to jump on a live online chat with you to

talk about your goals to ENSURE this is the right

program for you.

Act Now!

Jackpot! With Jonathan's help, I started feeling much more confident in my trading skills. Every day, I was learning something new and exciting.

And you know what?

Gradually, my trading became more consistent. It felt like leveling up in a video game! Fast forward a bit, and guess who's now a funded trader?

Yep, that's me!

And let me tell you, it feels amazing. All those late nights and early mornings were totally worth it.

Stephen Mizon

Funded Trader

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